Why We Need Measure D

Our Oakland Public Libraries are a vital community resource. Vote YES on Measure D to ensure that children, families, and seniors continue to have access to local public libraries.

Local libraries are essential for Oakland youth. They provide a safe after-school space for our children and teenagers, and provide resources that enable students to succeed. As budget cuts have eliminated library hours in many Oakland public schools, students are relying on Oakland Public Libraries now more than ever.

But our Oakland libraries are in trouble. Years of underfunding and rising costs have forced neighborhood branch libraries to close two days a week and keep limited evening hours. Without Measure D, our libraries face further closures. With Measure D, we can expand library hours to allow students, seniors, and working families to access library services throughout the week.

Specifically, Measure D will:

  • Prevent library closures and extend hours on evenings and weekends to better accommodate students, seniors and working families.
  • Provide safe places for children and teens to do their homework and participate in after-school programs.
  • Maintain youth reading programs.
  • Keep libraries safe and welcoming.
  • Provide literacy services.

All Measure D funds can be spent only for Oakland libraries. By law, the State cannot take this funding away, and the City must spend this money on libraries only. Measure D is temporary, and cannot be extended without a new vote.

Measure D includes exemptions for low-income seniors and very low-income households.

Oakland Public Library branches help our community members with more than books. They help Oakland residents find jobs, learn how to start small businesses, get free legal and tax advice, find housing assistance, and access the internet.

Join our coalition of teachers, librarians, families, and community leaders across Oakland. Step up to protect our libraries. Vote YES on Measure D.

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